• The benefits of unplugging from social media at Christmas

    Posted on January 2, 2021 by Karen in anxiety, boundary setting, emotional intelligence, focus, mindfulness, neuroscience, positive thinking, procrastinating.


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    Inspired by Arianna Huffington’s book Thrive, I decided that whilst on holiday in Languedoc and Provence in 2018 and, then again in 2019 whilst in Rome and more recently at Christmas, I would experiment with unplugging from social media.

    The results were so positive that on my return to the UK in 2018 from France, I only engaged with social media for a maximum of 20 minutes or less per day and made a pact with myself to not engage fully in social media activity until July for predominately business purposes only. Similarly, having unplugged from social media since 20 December 2020 until, today 2 January 2021, I have experienced several benefits:

    Here’s what I discovered:

    • Though historically a good sleeper anyhow, I still felt much more energised and less sluggish in a morning
    • My personal life admin productivity levels increased
    • I was significantly more aware of my surroundings both indoors and outdoors
    • My weekly cross country and park runs seemed less strenuous amd more enjoyable
    • I was able to read books with heightened focus and speed
    • I procrastinated less
    • With less social media distractions, I achieved better focus
    • By watching no news and minimal TV and instead listening to music, Radio 4 podcasts and TED talks my mindset seemed more positive and can do
    • The lack of usual neck and shoulder aches was evident
    • My thinking patterns were mostly positive as I was able to be in the here and now

    So next time you take a break, I highly recommend you try unplugging too ….


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