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You Revolution is the UK’s most exciting mindfulness, coaching, learning and development agency, aimed at people, like you, with hectic lifestyles. Take a look at our cutting-edge mindfulness and personal development one day tasters, masterclasses, courses and retreats. Join our free newsletter for inspirational events, stories, self help tips and other goodies

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Founder, Karen Deeming, and her team aim to show busy people like you how to relax, become more productive at work, reconnect with your spark and passions, stop comparing yourself to other people and make life more enjoyable and fulfilling.
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When customers know they are dealing with a company that invests in high-quality, reputable training, it gives them added confidence in doing business with that company and enhances your company reputation and profile.

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This website has been designed exclusively for you… so whether you are Senior Executive, a Business Owner, a CEO or Director, a professional juggling parental responsibilities or a HR & Learning & Development Professional we have created a range of bespoke services with you in mind guaranteed to generate ROI for yourself and for your organisation.

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Our ambition has never been to be the biggest, just to think big. In fact we’ve had to work hard to keep ourselves small, resisting the urge to say ‘yes’ to everything, and taking care to ensure we can really make a difference to the projects and clients we take on. That’s why we only work with a maximum number of clients at any time.

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People and their development our Passions. Besides counselling, coaching and mindfulness sessions in Harley Street, London and in Bristol, we have provided consultancy and training services for a number of clients in the private and public sector.

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