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We asked our clients about the effectiveness of our on line services and this is what they told us:

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Join people, like you, from around the world and together you will learn how to overcome comparing yourself to other people and achieve more results than you ever imagined possible. This only takes 9 hours over a six week period from the comfort of your own home, office or hotel room with help from You Revolution Personal Development specialists and a global online community. Recordings are available for any dates that you unable to make.

To make this happen, grab one of our Playground deals each tailored to fit your lifestyle and income levels. We can also design a playground together that is unique to you; for example, if you have a sense of urgency, we can begin with more calls or skype conversations and reduce the intensity over time as you see results appearing.

You Revolution online playgrounds are typically offered via google plus, webinar and skype to people anywhere in the world. We pay extra business rates for our internet connection so the sound and picture quality is very good.