Handpicked Christmas reads: You Revolution’s self help, mindfulness and business book recommendations

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Struggling to come up with Christmas gift ideas?

We live at a time when there are more self-help books on the market than any one person could hope to consume in a lifetime. But in today’s world, finding the time to read even one book, let alone a dozen, can still pose quite a challenge.

To make it easier for people like you with hectic lifestyles, rather than spend hours looking for the most acclaimed self help book, You Revolution has come up with the most popular self-improvement books in our library:

Key themes covered include: mindfulness, emotional intelligence, focus, personal development and confidence building:

1. Thrive by Arianna Huffington

2. Mastery by Robert Greene

3. The 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen R Covey

4. Search inside yourself by Chade-Meng Tan (a google employee)

5. Chimp Paradox by Professor Stephen Peters

6. Frazzled by Ruby Wax

7. The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

8. Get some headspace by Andy Puddicombe

9. Social Intelligence: The new Science of Human Relationships by Daniel Goleman

10. It’s not how good you are it’s how good you want to be by Paul Arden

11. Stop Talking Start Doing by Shaa Wasmund

12. What’s Stopping You?: Why Smart People Don’t Always Reach Their Potential and How You Can by Robert Kelsey

13. Mindfulness: Finding Peace in a Frantic World by Professor Mark Williams, University of Oxford and Danny Penman

14. Not Knowing: The Art of Turning Uncertainty into Opportunity by Steven D’Souza and Diana Renne

15. Overcoming perfectionism: A self-help guide using scientifically supported cognitive behavioural techniques by Roz Shafran, Sarah Egan and Tracey Wade

16. Emotional Agility by Susan David

17. Outsmarting VUCA by Don Gulman, Ed.D

18. The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor

19. Overcoming procrastination by Dr Windy Dryden

20. Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono

This will keep you out of mischief on a cold winter’s evening tucked up with the cat, dog or your laptop on the sofa or when you are sipping a refreshing cold gin and tonic on a sunny beach

so as one of our favourite authors states: “stop talking start doing” …….

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