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[content_block id=2008] Mindfulness, coaching, emotional intelligence and personal development events, courses and retreats are our passion that’s why at You Revolution, we pride ourselves in inspiring people, like you, to find balance in work and play and in your mind and body and to experience being in the flow.

This website has been designed exclusively for you… so whether you are Senior Executive, a Business Owner, a CEO or Director, a professional juggling parental responsibilities or a HR & Learning & Development Professional we have  created a range of bespoke services with you in mind guaranteed to generate ROI for yourself and for your organisation.

Courses and retreats can be difficult to fit in if you have a hectic lifestyle, and expensive if you have alot of other financial outgoings, so we offer one day tasters and masterclasses too.

We also provide the ideal learning environment and tools to empower people, like you, to overcome obstacles that are holding you back from being who you really want to be. This includes learning practical skills that you can use in everyday life and learning techniques to identify your triggers and to put a stop to any unhelpful behavioral patterns.

You Revolution events, courses, rural and urban residential or non-residential retreats address both the physiological and psychological aspects of negative thinking and, when appropriate, also explore how to overcome obsessive peer validation and low-self confidence.

They combine creative exercises, breathing techniques, evidence-based mindfulness, neuroscience and emotional intelligence tools with reflective discussion, practical exercises and psycho-education. In other words they are bespoke, unique and not off the shelf just like you and your business!!!

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